Improving Your Kitchen Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive!

With Kitchen Renew and More you will pay a fraction of the cost by Renewing your kitchen and not replacing it

Kitchens can cost $30,000 and up to replace, but with Kitchen Renew and More you can get a renewed kitchen for as low as $2500.

The kitchen is the heart of a home—people gather and spend a lot of time there, so renovations that improve the kitchen are a good idea. Adding living space—either by finishing an unused basement or putting an addition on your home is the second most popular reason to renovate.

Mike Holmes


By simply refacing your kitchen instead of replacing it you can save lots of money! Refacing means keeping all of your existing cabinet bases and the layout intact, but replacing things that people actually see.

Need it done fast?

A typical kitchen reface can take between 24-72 hours, so you can enjoy your kitchen fast! We simply set up a time that works for you to take the measurements, we then return at a later time and the magic happens.

What are some of the other benefits

  1. Increase Your Homes Value – One of the best places to put your money when renovating is the kitchen, according to Mike Holmes from HGTV. This is when you’re paying full price to get your kitchen renovated, think about the rate of increase in value when you’re paying 1/10th of the price!
  2. Want to eat healthier? – Having a beautiful kitchen will increase your chances of cooking a good old home cooked meal!
  3. Have an investment property? – When you upgrade your kitchen you get noticed by potential renters far more often… and in a good way!  This gives you the possibilities to; increase rent, decrease vacancy, more applicants, and more higher end renters.  We can make even the smallest kitchens shine.

We can work with most budgets

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    How do I get my kitchen renewed?

    Our cabinet refacing’s are 100% handcrafted, 100% custom made, and 100% quality.    Kitchen Renew and More can design a custom made kitchen renew that fits your kitchen needs TODAY with a FREE design consultation.