Design ideas for a sleek and modern kitchen

By Natalie Mudd at

Polished units

For our previous kitchen, we chose traditional style shaker units in grey and charcoal. I loved the end result, but as we’re opting for a modern kitchen design this time, it’s polished units all the way. High gloss units are popular for a modern result, but we will probably go for something a little more matt – we have lots of grubby hands in our house and I’m not sure I could handle the constant smears!

A solid worktop

A solid stone worktop looks at home in a modern kitchen. Personally I’m in love with the marble tops, but quartz, granite and composite can all work well. If you want to add a little more warmth, you may want to consider a solid wooden worktop instead. There are some great deals to be had for worktops online from HC supplies if you have your measurements.

Seamless handles

The more seamless the kitchen, the more modern the overall effect will be. Opting for handles that are integrated within the units will create a super sleek end result. Plus you don’t have to agonise over which handle to choose and it’s cheaper! I’m a fan.

A functional island

In the past we’ve only ever used kitchen islands as a place to either prepare food at, or sit and eat. But I love the trend towards making the island more of a functional part of the kitchen with various appliances incorporated. This minimises the requirement to have multiple wall units, maximising space and creating a less cluttered feel. An induction hob and integrated extractor fan will not only look neat, but will also create a real style statement.

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